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DMK Enzyme
Oxygen Therapy

DMK enzyme therapy strengthens the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in restoring skin to its peak condition by way of hydrolyzing dead, redundant cell build up. The action of reverse osmosis clears cell debris including toxins, oxidized waste, lipofuscin, and free radicals. The enzyme increases circulation to increase oxygenation, cell metabolism and immune functions, enhances enzymatic activity within the skin, and increases collagen production. Like all treatments at Ensō they are customized to your skin’s needs and your goals. Enzyme therapy is suitable for all skins and skin conditions, including pregnant and nursing women.

Facial Treatments

  • Customized Facial Treatment Brooke $85
    Adana $100

    Indulge all of your senses with this personally customized facial treatment. The facial begins with a thorough consultation to meet your individual needs and concerns, then moves into the deeply relaxing cleanse under steam, followed by exfoliation, localized extractions if needed, and soothing facial & neck massage. The facial begins to finish with a customized masque and completes with toner, moisturizer, eye and lip finish, leaving your skin glowing and ready for the world.
    60 minutes

  • Dermaplane Quick Treatment Brooke $65
    Adana $70

    Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation process that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells and the fine facial hair known as "peach fuzz." This facial begins with a relaxing double cleanse, then moves into the dermaplane and is completed with customized moisturizer, eye & lip treatment. It is the perfect mini- facial "pick me up!" No pain and No downtime.
    30 minutes

  • Dermapane Facial Adana $120
    Brooke $100

    Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation process that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells along with the fine facial hair known as "peach fuzz"; This facial begins with a thorough consultation and moves into a relaxing cleanse under steam. The skin is then prepped for the dermaplane. Following the dermaplane, a customized masque will hydrate the skin while you enjoy a soothing neck, shoulder, arm & hand massage. The facial is then finished with a silky moisturizer, eye & lip treatment.
    60 minutes

  • The Bacne Facial Brooke $125

    Struggling with acne on your back and shoulders? This treatment will help to clear your skin, empty the pores of oil dirt and debris and set you in the path of a clear beautiful back. A deep cleanse under steam, acne enzyme back treatment, extractions and deep pore cleansing, followed by a soothing mask to heal.
    60 minutes

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

    Multiple factors can bring on the aging process. Microdermabrasion can effectively reduce the effects of fine lines & imperfections by removing dead and damaged skin cells. This treatment entails a diamond tipped vacuum hand piece that effectively polishes away layers of dead cells to reveal healthy new skin. Ideal candidates for this treatment are dry, flaky, wrinkles, fine lines, crowe’s feet, sun damaged, pigment irregularity, acne, uneven texture & clogged pores.
    Adana $120
    Brooke $100

  • Seasonal Facials 60 minutes

    With the beautiful smells of the season, this special facial is not only relaxing to all of your senses, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that will work wonders on your skin. The pumpkin enzyme under steam will eat away at the dead skin cells leaving your face smooth all the while destroying the free radicals that are responsible for premature aging of your skin and stimulating collagen production.
    This is the ultimate in brightening treatments.
    Add on dermaplane for additional $25
    Brooke $85 Adana $100

  • Back Facial 45 Minutes

    This 45 minute Back Facial starts with a deep clean under steam, wiping away oils and debris that we just can't quite reach in the shower. This is followed up with a scrub and enzyme to clear off the dead skin then onto any extractions that are needed. The facial is finished with a soothing hydrating mask and moisturizer.
    (Add on Hot Stone Massage for $20.00)
    Brooke $95

Facial Add-Ons

  • Jelly Mask $15
  • LED Light Treatment $25
  • LED with Jelly Mask $35
  • Lymphatic Facial Massage $25
  • Hydrating Eye Patches $10
Brooke Welker
Licensed Aesthetician
and Certified Laser Tech

Brooke joined Brow Bliss & Company in September of 2022 as a Professional Facialist, Brow Lamination
and Lash Lift expert, Brooke has you covered for all of your facial aesthetic needs.

Facial Treatments

  • Neck Wax $20
  • Brow Tweeze $25
  • Nostril Wax $20
  • Cheek Wax $20
  • Lip Wax $10

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